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Texas Kidney Institute

Texas Kidney Institute has been caring for patients with kidney disease in the Dallas metroplex area for the past 4 years. Kidney disease is silent and affects more than 26 million Americans and millions more are at risk. TKI provides treatment for kidney disease, hypertension and other illness.

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About Us

Texas Kidney Institute in Dallas, Texas was founded by Dr. Sumit Kumar in 2012 to treat patients with kidney disease and other related illness using cutting-edge, comprehensive, and compassionate care in a concierge environment.


Texas Kidney Institute strives to be a practice that values compassionate patient care and focuses on aggressively preventing progression of kidney disease. TKI strives to be a pioneer in the DFW area, in not only treating kidney disease but effectively managing it, by creating awareness in patients and others


To provide top notch treatment to patients suffering from kidney disease and timely education to patients to arrest progression of the disease. Treating patients by utilizing comprehensive and cutting edge treatment procedures.

Why Texas Kidney

Dr. Kumar, founder of TKI believe in "Service before Self" and the group ideals are anchored in providing cutting-edge, comprehensive, and compassionate care in a concierge environment.

What Patients Say About Texas Kidney Institute

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    Dr. Krishna is a very good Doctor to have on my team! He’s very concerned about my health and I am pleased with him!

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    I have always found everyone to be very friendly and helpful. Dr. Krishna explains everything very well!

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    Dr. Krishna - Great Doctor!

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    I am pleased with everyone here at this practice!

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    I have a very professional doctor that I like and trust. Dr. Krishna’s staff is very helpful in anything I need. All calls are returned quickly and my problems are answered. I love the care I am getting. Highly recommend Dr. Krishna!

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    I have been a patient of Dr. Kumar for 12 years and he has earned my highest recommendation. Not only has he helped me maintain control of my disease, he has done more than I could have ever expected. Some examples include: After emergency surgery for a burst appendix, Dr. Kumar came to my hospital room to check on me. He saw that I was distressed and he treated my problem. At another time, a doctor prescribed a medication for me, but I was concerned it would be right for me. I contacted Dr. Kumar and he remembered a similar medication he had prescribed for me four years earlier and he reminded me how it had negatively affected me and made me feel sluggish and tired. Dr. Kumar treats me through medication, but that is a small part of his treatment. He talks to and listens to me so he can learn about me and the things affecting my life. He has a keen sense of my well-being and utilizes that sense to better understand how to improve my health. Most of all, he provides counsel and helps me emotionally and psychologically. I feel blessed that he is my doctor.